Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa: Fall in Love and Come Back Anytime Soon

Although it is just an island away from our hometown (Iloilo), Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa was not in the list of our must-go-to places in the Philippines, at least initially. We’ve heard about it mentioned in passing by some of our friends who had been there and seen pictures of it in social media, but it did not occur to us to visit the place as soon as we could- again, at least initially. So what drove us to go and see this, as it turned out, a gem of the Negros Island?

Admittedly, we didn’t have high expectations of Lakawon Island, but its natural beauty impressed the hell out of us.

Well, when one of our classmates in high school, who is a seafarer, spent his vacation with his family last November, he invited us to join him spend a couple of days in Lakawon Island.

The idea of seeing a new place and of course the sense of adventure that goes with it instantly made as agree to him. The next thing we knew, we were making room reservations with the resort and starting to stuff our (favorite) bags with stuff that would last us a couple of days in an island we barely knew at all.

Day 1: Iloilo to Lakawon Island Resorts and Spa

We took the first ferry trip from Iloilo to Bacolod and arrived in Bacolod pier at 7 in the morning. We heard from our friends that food and drinks are expensive in the resort so we decided to buy some bread, water, canned foods, “chicherias,” and a bottle of liquor.

Right after, we took a tricycle from a 7/11 branch to Ceres North Bus Terminal (travel time is approximately 10-15 minutes). We then boarded a bus headed to Crossing Burgos in Cadiz Viejo. Depending on the traffic, travel time is approximately an hour and a half. From Crossing Burgos, we took a tricycle going to the Cadiz Port which took us at least 25 minutes to get there. Upon our arrival at the port, we paid their imposed environmental fee and the fare for the “bangka” to transport us to the island itself.

The” Island

When we stepped on the island, the five of us were lost for words to describe the beauty of the place. We never expected that it was unexpectedly beautiful! From a ramp where we alighted the “bangka,” we walked a long wooden bridge going to the dry land. We saw some other visitors walking like Victoria’s Secret model on the runway.


We went straight to an impressive and cozy reception area and confirmed our booking. Their friendly staff led us to our hut, passing through a spacious restaurant crowded by locals and foreigners alike.

lakawon island, sipalay, negros island, philippines, resort, spa
The “center” of the resort. It’s where the major edifices are located such as the information center, restaurant, concert stage and a vast open spaces for all activities.

After setting our things inside the hut, we took a quick look of the surrounding. Facing our hut are other huts that were mostly occupied. To our left is a stretch of coastline facing the north and to our right is the “center” of the island- center because it’s where all the major edifices located.

lakawon island, sipalay, negros island, philippines, resort, spa
A native bamboo hut. This is one of the accommodations offered by the resort. There are scores of bamboo huts scattered around the area that you could get confused as to which hut is yours. Don’t forget your hut number.

Once we got a bit familiar of our environs, we had a simple lunch composed of rice, corned beef, pork and beans, and a bottle of soft drinks. Simple and bland it may seem, but we were content and satisfied.

After taking a nap, we decided to explore more of the island. We took the road “less travelled,” meaning the parts of the island where guests are not encouraged to wander. But since nobody stopped us, we continued to see other spots that other visitors didn’t care to see. Our target was a long stretch of sand mounds half a mile away from the center of the resort. On our way, we met a local fisherman mending his net and collecting crabs and other sea creatures that were unfamiliar to us. After some time, a couple of locals joined us and tried to strike a conversation.

yp6fkd1sjas4gc3whlnqg_thumb_2086 nqhogv9jrdinsar4fyuduq_thumb_2089

We took all our time taking pictures, jump-shooting, and doing acrobats in a crescent-shaped sandbar free from other rowdy tourists. After having so much fun playing like children in the sand, we went back to our hut and prepared to go to the floating bar.

nksurc2zsy6jgg0grkqrba_thumb_2084 yolw8nkskih9w05qbtxjq_thumb_20b8

Tawhai Floating Bar– The Biggest Floating Bar in Asia

We were actually arguing whether we go to the floating bar (which is a 10-minute boat ride away from the resort, and closes at 10 in the evening) or stay in dry land and cook our dinner instead (which was pork barbecue marinated the night before). Our plan was to spend a couple of hours in the floating bar and return to the resort to cook our dinner afterwards. Everybody agreed.

ndw1x2ibqefbeknwdteq_thumb_2097 5cia36wsqcadcnr6bkezgw_thumb_20a3 2qwscytsisixj4r9tfu8g_thumb_20b7 nghzqkyt2ulmkqvcesdla_thumb_209a

After we ate our dinner, we spent the remainder of the night in bouts of drinking session, stargazing, and a quick visit to the beach.

Day 2- Falling in Love with Lakawon

We woke up to the smell of freshly cooked crabs and a light pounding in our head. But the sight of delicious crabs and steaming cup of coffee made us forget the slight headache and instantly enjoyed a big, sumptuous breakfast. A solid head start it is!

lakawon island, sipalay, negros island, philippines, resort, spa, food, seafoods
Unless you are allergic to seafoods, you can’t help but salivate when this is served on your table.

After breakfast, we jumped into the beach and basked under the November sun. The water is crystal clear, warm, and not very salty (we are particular with the taste of the water, actually 😃 😜 ). The sand is almost as fine as the sands of Boracay, and the surrounding environs are picture-perfect.

After swimming, frolicking, and laughing to our heart’s content, we went back to our hut, and packed our bags to go home. For an instant, we felt an ache to the thought that we were leaving quite soon.

v7bo43p0tzmtxjkqjy2fpa_thumb_20b1 tvm2ig0lqyyclktmdu0cg_thumb_2079 nkjsvubvsiozgbwmllxn1q_thumb_20b5

Lakawon Island, initially, was not the best prospect for us to visit. But perhaps it was Life’s guiding hands that led us to this slice of heaven here on earth.

indbpdbhsia7rnhoxsac6g_thumb_20a0 us3uck7qqv2cno33e9kweq_thumb_208c

It’s a place where you can allow yourself to fall in love for a moment and just let it pass, knowing that she will always be there waiting for you to come back anytime soon.


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