Travel Budget Guide: Cabugan Adventure Resort in Guimaras Island

Located at Brgy. Tando, Nueva Valencia, Cabugan Adventure Resort is one of the many island resorts in Guimaras island that take pride in having crystal clear waters and a venue for various nature-tripping activities. It features a complete list of nature-and-adventure-inspired amenities that makes them one of the more popular choice amongst the travelers that visit the idyllic island of Guimaras. Their “Going back to the basics” catchphrase is a testament to the resort’s aim to make their guests forget about the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a moment of grace and solitude.

The powdery sands off the beach front of Cabugan Adventure Resort welcome every guest visiting this nature-themed resort.

How to get there:

From Iloilo City, commute or take a cab to Ortiz Wharf. Motorboats leave Ortiz Wharf (Iloilo City) to Jordan Wharf (Guimaras) almost every 15 minutes. Travel time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes and fare is 15 pesos per person, per way. You may also charter a boat for 500 to 600 pesos. Contact the resort beforehand if you want to have a chartered boat.

From Jordan Wharf, you may take a chartered tricycle which is 400 pesos per way, good for 6 persons. You may also rent a multi-cab for 700 pesos per way, good for 8 to 10 persons. Another option is arranging an air-conditioned chartered van for 1,250 pesos, per way. No matter what type of transportation you choose in Jordan Wharf, ask the driver to take you to Sitio Dungca-an. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

From Sitio Dungca-an, ask the local boatmen to take you to Cabugan resort. Travel time is 5 to 10 minutes and boat fare is 50 pesos per person/way. Note, however, that if you book a room or a cottage at the resort, boat transfer from Sitio Dungca-an to the resort may be included in your package. Ask resort personnel about it.

What to do in Cabugan Adventure Resort:

Cabugan Nature resort is known for its various land and water activities. Some of theme include:

Kayaking. Surrounding the resort is an enclosed lagoon where guests can kayak or canoe over placid waters.

Maneuvering a bamboo canoe is actually more difficult than what we thought.
The placid surface water of the lagoon surrounding the resort provides a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon of kayaking and canoeing.
A half hour of canoe racing can make your muscles hurt a bit and blood rushing throughout your body.

Island hopping. One of the best island hopping experiences we have ever had. For 600 pesos, we enjoyed a 2-hour island hopping, which includes an exploration of several islands including the famous floating cottage.

Passing by the floating cottage is one of the highlights of island hopping experience provided by Cabugan Adventure Resort.
Twin Beach. The pristine waters of the Twin Beach give you the chance to literally “swim into two beaches” at the same time.

Caving. While you’re on an island hopping, visit islets with hidden caves that are formed from centuries of being exposed to natural forces.

Enter and admire otherworldly rock formations inside hidden caves in some of the islets while you’re on an island hopping adventure.

Island trekking. Explore the rocky hills and forests surrounding the resort and see things from a different perspective.

A view of the resort from the peak of a rocky hill just across the resort’s beach front.
A vast body surrounding the resort provides a spacious breathing space for your mind to relax.

Sunset watching. Being an island, Cabugan Adventure Resort is one of the best places in the country to enjoy an excellent view of a sunset; one you’ll see in one of the pages of National Geographic Magazine.

The sun’s descent over the horizon is a spectacle to behold here in Cabugan Adventure Resort.
A local boy frolics along the beach of Cabugan with a spectacular sunset in the background. Lovely.

Where to stay:
Cabugan Adventure Resort offers different types of accommodation depending on your budget preferences. No matter what room or cottage you pick, you will enjoy a free room service and elegantly furnished cottages with a comfort room in each.

A native cottage literally takes you back in time and place where all you have with you are “just the basics.”
A splendid view from our cottage’s window.

Other facilities include a smoking area, volleyball area, a garden, a mini zoo, and a spot to hang a hammock. Their restaurant serves mainly Filipino cuisine but you can always request a particular meal with their ever-friendly and accommodating kitchen staff.

More tips:
-You may bring your own food, but for a minimal corkage fee.
-Prepare 50 pesos per person if you wish to visit the floating cottage.
-For a rental fee of 100 pesos, you may use a complete snorkeling gear from the resort.
-The resort mainly uses seawater for their toilets and washing area so you might want to bring with you enough supply of bottled drinking water.
The best tip: Their customer service is top-notch. So if you need anything, just approach one of their staff and you’ll get what you need in no time.

How to contact them?
Contact numbers: (+63) 939-921-5908 / 917-321-0603 / 33-396-0316
Facebook Page: Cabugan Nature Resort






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